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I'm Wes.
Product + Design + Creative veteran.
Contract UXer & Prototyper.

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I believe in building simple technology and excel at communication, healthy relationships, cross-discipline collaboration, prototyping, strategic thinking, and discovering the desires of users and markets.

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As the production director of a multimedia studio for 6 years, I produced close to 1,000 digital entertainment products landing on the shelves of Target and Walmart, in Redbox kiosks and Amazon stores, pitched to major entertainment executives, and had 100% satisfaction across 100s of clients (literally, never lost one client).

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Experience with 5 SaaS platforms, 2 mobile product startups, 2 hyper-growth tech companies, copywriting for traditional and online advertising, deep-dive professional development in UX, and roles as a UX director, full stack UXer, senior product manager, and senior product designer have given me a 360° perspective on software + brand development.

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With early roots as a behavioral research scholar, management of a 200+ person adult soccer club, and leading product teams for a major MarTech platform, I appreciate how leadership is about inspiring belief, facilitating talent, delegating responsibility, thriving on diversity, activating strengths, and ensuring clarity towards the collective mission.

16 years in digital product, interactive media, creative production, enterprise SaaS, advertising, and branding. Over 2,000 projects shipped. I've produced content, products, and campaigns for hundred million dollar entertainment portfolios, major global brands, hypergrowth tech companies, giants in MarTech software, and the 24th largest university in the U.S.

image of logos from companies and brands I've done work for - NASA, Mary Kay, Hit Entertainment, The Jim Henson Company, Siemens, ActiveCampaign, Lionsgate, InfoGroup

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Full Stack?

Interactive Media
16 Years

User Experience
7 Years

UI & Interaction Design
13 Years

Product Development
7 Years

Branding & Copywriting
6 Years

Digital Advertising
3 Years

Video Editing & Post
16 Years

I've worked with this guy

to produce simple, educational interactive games for kids.

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Conducted research for

consumer retail, 2-sided marketplaces, and SaaS platforms.

image of a presentation slide from some usability research

image of user persona

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Led diverse, high-performing

cross-disciplinary product development teams.

Utilized rapid prototyping to

explore and test user needs and market desire.

animated GIF of prototype I built for an update I designed for Greyhound's iOS app
animated GIF of prototype I built for user testing
animated GIF of a prototype of the HowAreYou iOS app
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animated GIF of a web app concept prototype I built
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Need A Prototype?

With roots as a DVD programmer and over 10 years of interaction design experience, I build fancy, blingy, believable high-fidelity prototypes.

The benefits of prototyping
• Build quickly (faster than using developers)
• Save on expensive development hours
• Test your ideas (before going live)
• Use for build documentation


Contact Me

Written award-winning ads

for video, web, print, and outdoor.

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Marcom Platinum award winner

Crafted brands

for small businesses, tech startups, and multimillion dollar companies.

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And had lots of fun

all along the way.

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my portfolio...

my design philosophy...

Make People Feel Good

my product approach...

1) Identify the proper target

2) Talk to and learn from them

3) Build something simple to use

4) Analyze usage

[ repeat ]

I love helping organizations carry out user research, prototype concepts, craft product and brand experiences, and improve their culture. Contact me if your company, nonprofit, or startup needs help in any of these areas.

I'm currently focused on doing contract UX, research, a prototyping work with select clients. That said, please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you know of any exciting, progressive, and innovative in-house opportunities.

I geek out over UI and product design, writing and branding, experience and service design, leadership, talent management, organizational culture, and mentoring young designers, so feel free to contact me to connect.