Hello, World

I'm Wes
Product + Design Veteran

13 years experience building interactive products, campaigns, and brands. Close to 2,000 successfully shipped digital products and projects. I've produced interactive works for major global brands . . .

companies and brands I've produced digital products for

Full Stack?

Interactive Media
13 Years

User Experience
6 Years

Product Development
6 Years

Branding & Copywriting
6 Years

Digital Advertising
3 Years

Video Editing & Post
11 Years

I've worked with this guy

to produce simple, educational interactive games for kids.

photo of a famous purple dinosaur

Helped 1,000s of workers

find work and better their lives.

animated gif of Shiftgig iOS app

Designed & concepted

for both social media and interpersonal media.

animated gif of Selfie iOS app
animated gif of HowAreYou iOS app

* I'm also a master prototyper

Written award-winning ads

for video, web, print, and outdoor.

screenshot of UNT's Open Skies video

Crafted brands

for small businesses, tech startups, and multimillion dollar companies.

samples of logos I've designed

And had lots of fun

all along the way.

animated gif of Shaun The Sheep Whack-a-Pig DVD game

my design philosophy

Make People Feel Good

my product approach

1) Identify the proper target
2) Talk to and learn from them
3) Build something simple to use
4) Analyze usage
[ repeat ]


I’m always happy to help progressive organizations and causes of integrity. Feel free to contact me if that’s you or your organization.


In my current position, I'm at a company with a healthy and open culture. Unless you know of a company or project focused on an amazing mission, it'll be a tough sell to tempt me away.

Geek Out

I geek out over UI and product design, writing and branding, experience and service design, leadership, talent management, organizational culture, and mentoring young designers, so feel free to contact me.