Howdy, I'm Wes
A user-centric digital product wizard, multimedia producer,
branding, marketing, and UX strategist. I facilitate solutions,
curate creativity, and unify product and service vision.

What I Do


I objectively, empathetically, unbiasedly listen to and learn from clients, stakeholders, and end-users. I’m sort of a blend of a warm-hearted Texan and a logical Vulcan.


I absorb the data, the stories, the feelings told to me and my team and ask, “What's really happening here? What's the true bottom line to the situation?” . . . Did I mention yet that I'm an academically trained behavioral scientist?


I make sure the interests and problems to address are clear to stakeholders and team members, so design, development, and discussion happen in a unified and conversational manner. I simplify the complex and put everyone on the same page.


Teeming with creativity, positivity, and practicality, I’m never short of useful ideas and can generate high quality solutions in a rapid amount of time. And I enjoy collaborating and hybridizing ideas with others. For me, solutions come first, not my ego.


Give me 5 days and I'll build 4 prototypes. No, seriously, I will. With a tenacious work ethic, legendary endurance, and again, that positivity, I'm able to rapidly reconfigure my perspective and build solutions.



UX meets service design

Digital Products

almost 1,000 products produced

UX / UI Design

Experience + empathy = intuition

Branding & Copywriting

The art of the archetype

Mobile MUM

Digital product development

Digital Advertising

Targeted, niche, and data-driven

My Story

  • My Roots

    With over 15 years experience as a conceptual and video artist, 25 years developing a fantasy "otherworld" (currently working on a novel), and having written over 3,000 poems and about a hundred or so songs, I'm a natural creative thinker and doer. Partner this with my academic experience as a behavioral research scholar, a highly prolific multimedia production background, 100s of hours coaching competitive adult soccer players from all walks of life, and I'm a distinct blend of creative, hard-working, analytical, and servent leadership.

  • Prolifically Productive

    Having 13 years of creative production and interactive multimedia professional experience, I've produced and helped produce over 1,500 projects and digital products. My experience includes delivering 100s of DVDs, interactive and mobile products, and award-winning games for major children's entertainment brands known all over the world. Designing quite a lot of interaction for children has instilled within me a default penchant for simplicity. The sheer volume of work I produced day in and day out at a boutique interactive studio for 7 years shaped me into a seasoned multimedia production wizard; highly efficient, organized, cool under pressure, and quick to solve problems.

  • The Experience Is The Message

    Copywriting. Branding. Messaging. Meaning. Already with a sharp intuitive sense for what really matters, I also have a decade long track record of working with global brands. Most recently, a 2 year focus in online advertising (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google AdWords, AdRoll) has given me even more of an understanding for the contemporary heartbeat of targeted "niche" marketing. Helping produce over 200 ads in that short time, I inspired teammates to do their best work, winning 12 industry advertising awards in print, digital, video, and social media. I understand that great messaging doesn’t stand on magic and propaganda, but rather honest expressions and true service deliverables. Branding is more than symbols, it’s the entire take-away (and the ongoing) “experience” associated with an organization and products.

  • Bringing It Full Circle

    What did I do after over 10 years in creative production? . . . I went and got better. In the summer of 2015 I spent 5 months of immersive UX/UI, web development, and interactive design study at the nation’s premier UX/UI design bootcamp. I have true deep-dive training in user-centric design thinking and practices, delving into; ethnographic user research, user and stakeholder interviews, user personas, usability tests and assessments, client presentations, scenarios and storyboards, research synthesis, affinity diagrams, app maps, wireframes, prototyping, task flows, IxD, icon design, UI kits, typography, color theory, brand and logo design, responsive web, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and JQuery, and quite a bit more. I sought this experience to further develop a “complete” approach as an interactive / multimedia producer, to be a cross-capacity, cross-collaborative team leader, capable of facilitating talent, product potential, and orchestrating product vision for all team members and stakeholders.


I'm interested in product development, creative direction, brand management, talent management, and UX/digital strategy opportunities at the highest aiming organizations crafting elegant and easy-to-use technology and rooted in a holistic culture of positivity, courage, and innovation.

Wes Martin @WesTechSun